clothing as a canvas

Each piece is hand-dyed in-house in small batches, ensuring quality and individuality. Combining comfort, style, & art in our carefully curated collection of cotton separates & vintage denim, featuring seasonal color palettes & designs.

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Mindful of the Planet

By curating well-made garments, we ensure each piece is built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and promoting sustainable fashion choices. Our focus on fit, superior fabrics, and fine craftsmanship, coupled with ethical production and responsible sourcing, encourage conscious consumption.

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Cotton Classics & Retro Revival

In our unique blend of style, 70% of our collection features ethically sourced cotton separates, adhering to the highest standards. The remaining 30% showcases our reworked denim collection: handpicked vintage pieces, thoughtfully reimagined & reworked. These exclusive denim items, released in limited seasonal drops, complement our core collection and trend-inspired new arrivals, including headwear & accessories.

Artist adorned apparel

Utilizing acid wash & vibrant fiber reactive dyes, we hand dye each piece in small batches in house. Our garments are adorned with hand-carved linoleum block prints & screen-printed designs using non-toxic, washable inks, ensuring each item is a wearable piece of art. The beauty of our process lies in its uniqueness, where small batch production leads to slight, celebrated variations, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Eco-conscious textiles

    We work with ethically sourced cotton vendors & hand pick vintage denim that we rework

  • Unique & hand crafted

    Each piece is hand dyed or printed in small batches

  • Unisex look, inclusive sizing

    We celebrate individuality and inclusivity, making our products accessible to all. Sizes range from Xs-4x

  • Fit & Fabric

    We are mindful of fit when curating our collection, offering high quality fabrics & a variety of shapes to flatter different body types.

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My journey from fine art studies to becoming a wardrobe stylist & eventually starting my own apparel business has been motivated by a desire to promote inclusivity in the clothing industry. I aim to offer a diverse collection of gender-neutral & size-inclusive items that provide comfort, modern aesthetics, & flattering silhouettes unique as all of us. Merging fine art references with the nostalgia found in vintage clothing, I hand craft each garment through inspired textile manipulations.

  • "Love the crewnecks! I've gotten so many compliments on them"


  • "The logo caught my attention. The great customer service sealed the first deal. The quality brought me back."


  • "I wore your sweatshirt out to the club last night and a person stopped me and said OMG SHELBE hoodie! I have their overalls! It was magical ✨"

    SJ Fournier

  • "Just wanted to share this pic, I am utterly obsessed with these jeans & I believe they were made for me. They fit too well for it to be a coincidence!! Thank you again, your clothes and style are the best!😍"


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