12.2-12.3 Sunset mercantile Holiday, San Francisco county building 

12.7 Sf Bazaar Nightlife at the Museum, California academy of sciences

12.9 makers mart, Sacramento 

12.10 Temescal holiday Faire, Oakland

12.16 West coast craft, fort mason San Francisco 


11.4-11.5 Renegade Craft, fort mason, San Francisco

11.11-11.12 head west marketplace, the Barlow, Sebastopol

11.18 second hand Saturday, sunset mercantile, outer sunset, San Francisco

11.19 crane cove, San Francisco, sunset mercantile

11.24-11.25 SJ made, San Jose


10.1 Castro St Fair, San Francisco

10.7-8 TBD

10.14-15 Pumpkin Festival, Half Moon Bay

10.22 Head West Hayes Valley, San Francisco

10.29 Head West, Los Altos


9.15-9.17 Mammoth Yoga Festival

9.23 Head West, Fourth Street, Berkeley

9.24 Cole Valley St Fair, San Francisco


8.11 - 8.13 outside lands music festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

8.19 West Coast Craft, Fort Mason, San Francisco

8.27 head west, Hayes valley, San Francisco


7.1 - 7.2 Fillmore jazz festival, pacific heights, San Francisco

7.8 -7.9 head west, the Barlow, Sebastopol

7.16 head west, St. George’s spirits, alameda

7.29 west coast craft, Fort Mason San Francisco


6.3-6.4 union street festival, San Francisco

6.10-6.11 head west, the Barlow, Sebastopol

6.17-6.18 north beach festival, San Francisco

6.25 * CANCELED * head west, Hayes Valley, San Francisco


5.5 Oakland first Fridays

5.7 head west ferry building, San Francisco

5.13 - 5.14 head west, the Barlow Sebastopol

5.20 - 5.21 sj made, San Jose

5.27 head west fourth st, Berkeley


4.1 - 4.2 renegade craft | fort mason, San Francisco

4.8 - 4.9 head west marketplace | the Barlow, Sebastopol

4.23 head west marketplace | Hayes valley, San Francisco


3.3 Oakland first Friday, Oakland

3.5 headwest ferry building, San Francisco

3.11 headwest Barlow, Sebastopol

3.16-3.18 renegade craft SXSW Austin, Texas

3.25 head west fourth street, Berkeley